Metro Hotel Apartments Odessa apartments in the city centre, where you will be welcomed and will offer the highest service level. We make sure that your stay in our sunny city was remembered as a bright event and for years granted fond memories.


For a good rest should be chosen lCAC, best hotel (Odessa). Official website of the city offers a large selection of hostels, hotels and apartments. Information that must be given to all, before you visit the nice city of Odessa, hotels, reviews about them, the location, the proximity of the sea, etc. only when careful preparation of the accommodation in the private hotel of Odessa will present you only pleasant surprises. Be sure to read reviews about the hotels of Odessa. So you will be able to make a correct idea of the level of service and comfort rooms.

Excellent reputation, great location, excellent service-characteristics, which has ideal hotel (Odessa). Official website of Metro Hotel Apartments provides its guests all the cards. It and its location in the heart of the historic center of the city, and convenient transportation, the proximity of the sea, as well as museums, theatres and concert halls. Apartments in the heart of the city offering exceptional service-you can trust us to any problem, and we can handle any task.

In order to stay in the Mini Hotel Odessa our guests bring only positive emotions and avoid conflicting and ambiguous situations, we have developed a set of rules for accommodation in Odessa Hotel Metro Hotel Apartments. Following these simple rules is a pledge that neither you nor nobody will disturb you enjoy your vacation.


1. Check-in and check-out:
· Time of arrival-14.00.
· Eviction of non-12.00.
· In the case where the check-in takes place at night time (from 24.00 till 6.00), paid an additional day in the amount of 100% of the cost.
· If the settlement occurs during the morning hours (from 6.00 to 12.00), paid the tariff "early check in" in the amount of 50% of the daily cost of their stay. The specific amount as in the previous case, is calculated on the basis of class rooms, where you will be seated.
· Possibility of early settlement is always necessary to specify in advance.
· Later check-out rooms (from 12.00 to 18.00) paid in the amount of 50% of the daily rate. In cases when the guests go after 6 pm will be charged the full amount of the stay.
· If the settlement and eviction occur within one calendar day, you will have to pay 100% of the cost, regardless of how many hours was busy room.
· In cases where the guest does not leave the apartment after a specified period of time, the hotel has the right to evict a guest without his consent and presence.

2. Each guest is individually responsible for compliance with fire safety regulations.

3. When placed in a private hotel in Odessa are forbidden:
· Bring and use flammable, poisonous, or having the pungent smell of substances. There is also a ban on piercing and explosive substances.
· Smoke on the territory of the hotel, including the rooms.
· Use electric appliances such as a kettle and others.
· Make noise to disturb the rest of other guests in neighboring rooms.
· Locate friends and acquaintances in your room without approval from the administration of Metro Hotel Apartments. If you need, you can contact the administrator and implement charge per guest.
· Lead with an animal.

4. Guest accommodations.
· If you need to accommodate your friend or acquaintance at, first of all you should warn about this. If the guest you have lingered till 23.00, it automatically to your account will be added the cost of additional place.
· Accommodation in mini-hotel Odessa children up to 6 years free of charge.
· Cot for children polugodovalyh on demand is also available free of charge.

5. The hotel reserves the right to refuse a settlement or continue, if received complaints from other guests. Grounds for refusal also could serve as a violation of one of the above paragraphs of the rules of their stay in the hotel.


6. the Administration is entitled to use information about our customers solely for administrative purposes without further authorization. The hotel guarantees the protection of confidential information.