South Palmira can proudly claim its unique peculiarities and distinctions among other places in the world. The city is often called a “Jewel on the Black Sea” and boasts to be the best resort on the Black Sea coast. Sandy beaches in Odessa (Ukraine), warm sea, stunning architecture as well as unique humor and heart-warming hospitality of locals make up a part of a long list of attractions for tourists from around the globe.

Holidays in Odessa can be a perfect gateway for beach lovers. There are many clean beaches with all the amenities along the sea line which will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding traveler. For those on budget South Palmira caters free well-kept beaches with basic service – one can grab his own mat or a towel and find a cozy place for sunbathing and swimming. Luxury connoisseurs will be delighted to explore fully serviced beaches with sun beds, umbrellas, towels, shower facilities, massages, cold drinks and snacks offered along with water entertainment services provided. Prices of the entrance ticket to the beaches in Odessa (Ukraine) may vary from place to place, however it is a great money value for those who prefers hassle-free vacation with comfort and style.

Odessa (Ukraine) travel expenses and prices

If you are planning your vacation in the Capital of Humor, prices should be compared in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises and experiences. High-season price raise must be taken into consideration before you travel to Odessa Ukraine – this practice is often applied during busiest summer months. Bargaining in our city is a must, especially while shopping on famous Privoz Market – you can get great deals on souvenirs, antiques, food, clothing and lots of other items. For over two centuries Privoz is believed to be a center of South Capital’s life with its peculiarities and unique language mix which catches the ear of every traveler. Budget holiday hunters can stroll down old streets, visit free Odessa beaches in Ukraine and enjoy the city’s vibe even without any all-inclusive deals.

Summer recreation in Odessa

South Palmira attracts tourists throughout the year. Many famous artists, poets and intellectuals found their inspiration in our beautiful city including Pushkin, Bunin, Gogol, Kuprin, Mark Twain, Mickiewicz, Tchaikovsky, List, Mendeleev and others. For centuries the Jewel by the Sea attracted great minds and art people with its unique charm and atmosphere. Till today travelers from different countries find their perfect rest in Ukrainian Odessa. Summer is considered the best time to visit the Capital of humor due to a splendid beach scene which can be enjoyed along with interesting historical heritage tours. The city offers great museums, theatres and architectural masterpieces including works of world known creators and designers. There are many hotels, restaurants and bars on the sea coast. Night life venues in legendary Arcadia such as Ibiza, Ithaca, Western and club-tavern Assol are the best options for real party animals.

Holidays in Odessa: hotels and prices

Choosing a right type of accommodation before you travel to Odessa (Ukraine) guarantees a pleasant and unforgettable holiday experience. The list of possible accommodation options in South Palmira is impressive – one can book a stay in a budget guest-house or pick up a luxury exclusive apartment or a high-end hotel suit. Hotels on Deribasovskaya Street, which is also called “The center of everything” as well as downtown apartments are always in high demand. Our hotel is located just a block away from main city’s streets and tourist attractions and offers an ideal spot for those who look into reasonable pricing and home-like comfort in tranquil environment. Metro Hotel Apartments rooms features exclusive and affordable accommodation with excellent service and great price deals. We’ve thought of all your travel needs to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Close proximity to the sea coast is undoubtedly a great advantage of any hotel in South Palmira. Beaches in Odessa (Ukraine) are about 20 minutes walk away from Metro Hotel apartments. Great location in the very heart of downtown yet away from all the city hassle provides a truly relaxing vacation. Contemporary rooms with all amenities, convenient transport connection, vicinity to Deribasovskaya Street and City Gardens as well as Primorsky Boulevard, Dumskaya square, Opera Theater and Potemkin Stairs make Metro Hotel Apartments a perfect choice for any traveler.