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Choosing a decent hotel before heading off for vacation is a must for every traveler. Be it a short business visit or a long-planned family gateway, the room in any preferred hotel of South Palmira first of all should be comfortable and cozy. Mini-hotel Metro Hotel Apartments meets all the requirement of high-class hotels in Odessa – photo gallery of our rooms is available on the website, so before making up your mind you can browse through accommodation options available and pick up the best room to perfectly suit your travel needs. We have thought of the smallest details to make your stay pleasant and relaxing – our virtual photo tour will provide quality images of room interiors, design and available amenities. Many hotels found in Odessa lack photo galleries for different reasons. It seriously complicates the process of booking as well as makes potential guests feel insecure.

Private mini-hotels in Odessa: photos

South Palmira is well known among tourists as one of the best resorts on the Black Sea. Thousands of people visit the Capital of Humor every year in order to enjoy the beach with golden sands, clear waters of the Black sea and discover the unforgettable charm of local traditions and peculiarities. The impressive list of hotels in Odessa offered to travelers can be quite confusing – there is a wide range of budget guest-houses, comfortable private resorts and exclusive hotels with luxury suits. Many travelers prefer to check accommodation options in advance, before the luggage is packed and tickets are booked. Many hotels in Odessa have photo galleries, and Metro Hotel Apartments is proudly one of them.

Hotels in Odessa: Photo collection of our comfortable rooms

Our rooms are specifically designed to create a tranquil home-like environment. We chose a quiet and peaceful place in South Palmira’s downtown to provide our guests the most pleasant stay. Odessa’s famous landmarks are in close vicinity to Metro Hotel Apartments, including museums, theatres, romantic Teschin Bridge and magnificent Potemkin stairs, as well as stunning architectural heritage of old buildings. Pushkin Museum is situated right opposite our hotel’s building. The most amazing sights, such as Deribasovskaya Street, Philharmonic Theater, Eastern and Western Art Museum and Actor’s Center are just a short walking distance away. Acquaintance with the South Capital begins right here on Pushkinskaya Street – there is an unusual “Art Yard” which locals turned into the gallery with lots of interesting things, including well-known symbol of Odessa named “Window to Europe”.

Hotels in Odessa: Photo Gallery

Photos of Metro Hotel Apartments, which can be easily accessed on our website, will not only help our potential guests make the right decision – our gallery will impress even those guests, who are usually not easily pleased. Great living space, tasteful and modern interiors, impeccable cleanliness and service as well as proximity to main Odessa’s landmarks make our hotel one of the best accommodation options in sunny South Palmira. The hotel situated right in the heart of the city and is worth looking into if you are in search for a quiet and comfortable place for the best value of your finances. What makes it even more special is the option to get to the beach by walking – the sea line is only half an hour away. For those who appreciate quiet environment away from any city hassle, Metro Hotel Apartments will undoubtedly be the perfect choice.